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In this letter, dated April 13th, 1918, from Kersey Gowin to North Dakota (ND) Attorney General William Langer Gowin updates Langer on the situation in Minot. Langer tells of plans being made by "Smith and the PM" for a keg party, and warns that E. H. Stenvick "has a scheme to get a democrat into Dan's place and one they can trust, I am told." He elaborates that the Democrats and Republicans are working to "beat the League men this fall" and gives information on donations locals have been making in order to "beat the League."

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Prohibition, Alcohol, Kersey Gowin, Minot, Non-Partisan League, NPL

Organizations Referenced

Democratic Party, Republican Party, Non-Partisan League, Leland Hotel, Second National Bank

People Referenced

Kersey E. Gowin, O. B., Clarence Parker, Robert Barron, Jim Schofield, J. C. Smallwood, Smith, E. H. Stenvick


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Letter from Kersey Gowin to Attorney General Langer Regarding Keg Party, Fundraising to