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In this letter, dated April 1, 1917, from Kersey Gowin to North Dakota (ND) Attorney General William Langer, Gowin reports that he has just seen "O. B.," who is "feeling fine and says to go all the way down the line." According to Gowin, "O. B." was previously "inclined to go Slow, but on March 29 our Boys were going to the camps and about a dozen of them got pretty drunk...Mr. Henrickstad says we will now go to them and clean them up again." Gowin asks that, if possible, "D. V. B." (Assistant Attorney General Daniel V. Brennan) can be present "on the wind-up" and adds that he is sending a letter he has received from a Mr. Elton, so that Langer can "see where I am at on that account."

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Kersey E. Gowin, Mr. Elton, William Langer, O. B., Daniel V. Brennan


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Letter from Kersey Gowin to Attorney General Langer regarding Drunkenness in Camps, April 1, 1918