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In this letter, dated November 24, 1917, from North Dakota (ND) Attorney General William Langer's secretary W. E. to Kersey Gowin, W. E. refers to a letter Langer received from the James Hough Coal Company in Noonan, ND reporting violations of gambling and liquor laws. W. E, encloses the letter in question and Langer's reply and says she will forward any more letters Langer receives from them, and adds that Langer left the previous night for Fargo and will return Monday.

The letter W. E. mentions enclosing was not found with this letter in Langer's papers.

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Letter from Attorney General Langer to the James Hought Coal Company Regarding Liquor and Gambling in Noonan, ND, November 24, 1917

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Alcohol, Bootlegging, Bootleggers, Kersey Gowin, Minot, Prohibition

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James Hought Coal Company

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W. E., Kersey E. Gowin, William Langer


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