H j. Baird



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In this letter, dated September 22, 1919, handwritten on Ashley Hotel stationery, from H. J. Baird to North Dakota Attorney General William Langer, Baird reports on tobacco and alcohol sales and other illegal activities in Wishek, Burnstad, Napoleon (misspelled as "Neapoealin") Dawson and Ashley, ND. Baird says he was unable to find the still north of Napoleon without putting a good deal of time into it, and describes poker games in Ashley played for matches that are then cashed in. He also tells of two men in town from St. Paul to organize a bank.

Date of Work



alcohol, gambling, prohibition, tobacco

Organizations Referenced

Ashley Pool Hall, Farmer's Bank, St. Paul

People Referenced

Oscar Arntz, John Cader, C. N. Espeseth, F. M. Mitchell

Letter from H. J. Baird to Attorney General Langer Regarding Illegal Activities in Wishek, Dawson and Other Towns, September 22, 1919