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Letter dated November 14, 1918 from Golden Valley County sheriff S.A. Smith to William Langer regarding in cident related to the closing of pool halls. Smith describes an issue in which he was given orders by the Board of Health to close all pool halls. However one run by B.S. Davis remained open. Smith repeatedly tried to close the hall and then got into a disagreement with county Sheriff-elect Pazini. Smith tells Langer that he has requested warrants for the arrest of both Davis and the county Sheriff-elect Pazini from States Attorney Gallagher. Smith states that he wants to men prosecuted and wants Langer to ensure that this happens.

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Beach North Dakota, Pool hall, billiards

Organizations Referenced

Board of Health

People Referenced

S.A. Smith, B.S. Davis, Gallagher, Waters, William Langer


Political History | United States History

Letter from S.A. Smith to William Langer Regarding Pool Hall Confrontation, November 14, 1918.