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This file contains a series of exchanges between Norwegian Salvation Army officials and North Dakota officials regarding the whereabouts of North Dakota State Senator Oscar Lindstrom, 1916 to 1917. The correspondence is primarily focused on getting in touch with Lindstrom who, according to the letters, has not responded to his wife's letters since she went to visit her parents in Norway in 1914. The letters state that Lindstrom was to send funds to his wife for her voyage back to North Dakota that year, but never did. Towards the end of the correspondence, former North Dakota Governor Louis Benjamin Hanna confirms that Lindstrom lives in Noonan, North Dakota, and writes that he will look into the matter.

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Oscar Lindstrom, Bismarck, Kristiania, Noonan

People Referenced

Senator Oscar Lindstrom, J.H. Poulsen, Commissioner Estill, Lieutenant Colonel WB, Captain Murphy, Mrs. Lindstrom, Governor Louis Benjamin Hanna, Colonel E. Marcussen


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File of Correspondence About the Oscar Lindstrom Case from 1917 and 1918