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Letter dated September 25, 1919 from C. J. Murphy, attorney for North Dakota (ND) for the United States Railroad Administration, to ND Attorney General William Langer, regarding recently dismissed railroad employee E. F. Meier. This letter is a reply to Langer's letter of September 16, and outlines Meier's activity regarding enforcement of prohibition law. Murphy writes that Meier appointed himself a "sort of detective but a poor grade one," who on suspicion opened and separated shipments to a local druggist named Knoll, confiscating medicines that contained alcohol, causing problems for Knoll.

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Letter from Attorney General William Langer to C. J. Murphy Regarding E. F. Meier, September 26, 1919

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Prohibition, medicine, drugs, Berwick, confiscated

Organizations Referenced

United States Railroad Administration, Great Northern Railroad, North Dakota Agricultural College

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C. J. Murphy, E. F. Meier, William Langer, Knoll

Letter from C. J. Murphy to Attorney General Langer Regarding E. F. Meier,  September 25, 1919