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Memo from Caleb.S. Haines to William Langer Regarding the Carl Maier Case. The memo states that Miss Anna Bortvet was interviewed in Estherville, Iowa on September 16, 1919. According to the memo, Bortvet cared for Carl Maier as a nurse two years prior to his death. Bortvet strongly believes that Maier was murdered and did not commit suicide. According to Bortvet, Maier told the nurse caring for Maier after the shooting that he was attacked by a man with a black hat and dark complexation. The memo states that Bortvet suspected Russie White, who lived within a mile of Maier, to have killed Maier by mistake and and that Maier's brother John had been the intended target.

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Carl Maier Case, Estherville Iowa, Murder, Homicide, Beulah

People Referenced

Anna Bortvet, Carl Maier, Carl Meyer, John Maier, Mrs. Martin Nafsted, Russie White, Fred Lang, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Anthony, J.L. Hipple


Political History | United States History

Memo from Caleb S. Haines to William Langer Regarding the Carl Maier Case, September 16, 1919