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Handwritten letter, dated January 3, 1919, from Henry G. Owen, on Owen and Owen Attorneys at Law letterhead recounting Owen's apparently undercover investigation of liquor sales in Minot. Owen recounts buying whiskey at establishments in Minot, and expresses his intent to "move into the midst of the lion's den on every occasion."

Owen requests the support of "some reliable men of reputation" who can be present during these illegal transactions to serve as witnesses. He also gives some lodging prices and expresses the need for a place to keep his exhibits away from "nosy" bellhops, but says he "will not incur such expense without your approval."

Date of Work



alcohol sales, Minot, prohibition, prostitution

Organizations Referenced

Great Northern Railway, Soo Line Railway, Temple Court Cafeteria, Grand Hotel

People Referenced

Geo. Ball, Mr. Kenny, W. P. Kenny, Henry G. Owen

Letter from Henry G. Owen Recounting Alchohol Sales in Minot, 1919