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Letter dated November 18, 1949 from Eva A. Sandberger, wife to Dr. Martin Sandberger, to Governor William Langer, asking for assistance in getting her husband's death sentence annulled. She references letters from the defense, which, according to her, prove that evidence was not examined properly. She also mentions that Dr. Sandberger is in Landsberg WC Prison at the time this letter was written. A photo of Mrs. Sandberger and her three children is also included.

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Letter from Eva A. Sandberger to Senator Langer thanking him for his efforts on behalf of her husband, Martin Sandberger, 1950

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Martin Sandberger, Einsatzgruppen, Nuremberg, World War II, Death Row, Esthonian Massacres

Organizations Referenced

Landsberg WC Prison, United States Supreme Court, US Military,

People Referenced

Eva Sandberger, Martin Sandberger, William Langer

Letter from Eva Sandberger to Senator Langer Regarding Martin Sandberger, 1949