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Letter Dated August 10, 1949 from Senator William Langer to Reverend T.W. Strieter regarding the case of Dr. Martin Sandberger. Referenced is an enclosed copy of a report Langer received from Lt. General C.R. Huebner, Acting Commander in Chief of the European Headquarters. Langer ends the letter stating that he will write once he receives correspondence from the Military Governor and the High Commissioner.

See also:

Letter from Lt. Gen. Clarence Huebner, Commanding General of U.S. Army, Europe, to Senator Langer in Reply to Langer's Letter of June 24 Regarding Martin Sandberger, July 7, 1949

Letter from Pastor T. W. Strieter to Senator Langer Regarding Martin Sandberger, February 2, 1950

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Martin Sandberger, Einsatzgruppen, Nuremberg, World War II, Death Row, Esthonian Massacres

Organizations Referenced

European Command Headquarters, Our Savior Lutheran Church of Chicago

People Referenced

C.R. Huebner, Martin Sandberger, William Langer

Letter from Senator Langer to T. W. Strieter Forwarding Report from Acting Commander Huebner Regarding Martin Sandberger, August 10, 1949