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Letter from Michael J. Moore, Resettlement Officer of the Lutheran World Federation, informs Governor Langer that Mrs. Eva Sandberger is anxious to find out the fate of her husband who has been convicted at Nuremberg. He has enclosed the original letter addressed to him.

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Letter from Eva A. Sandberger to Senator Langer thanking him for his efforts on behalf of her husband, Martin Sandberger, 1950

Letter from Senator Langer to Eva Sandberger regarding the Sparing of the Life of Her Husband, Martin Sandberger, 1951

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Martin Sandberger, Einsatzgruppen, Nuremberg, World War II, Death Row, Esthonian Massacres

Organizations Referenced

Lutheran World Federation

People Referenced

Mrs. Eva Sandberger, Rev. Pressel, Sandberger

Letter from Resettlement Officer Michael Moore of Lutheran World Federation to Senator Langer Expressing Eva Sandberger's Anxiousness to Learn the Fate of Her Husband, Marting Sandberger, 1950