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In this letter, dated March 11, 1946, from United States Senator William Langer to interned German National Richard Auras, Langer writes that he has reviewed Auras's case with the U.S. Attorney General, and that because of Auras's involvement with the Deutsch-Amerikanische Berufsgemeinschaft (DAB) in San Francisco, and other activities, he must be repatriated to Germany according to standards set by the Attorney General. Langer vows to "persist" in his efforts to have the Attorney General reverse the decision, but does not feel he will do so.

Auras was arrested on December 8, 1941 by the US government under the Alien Enemy Act of 1798 and interned at Fort Lincoln, south of Bismarck, ND.

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Letter from Senator Langer to Richard Auras Regarding Interment Status Decision, March 11, 1946