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An August 10, 1945 letter from R. Rehker, the secretary of San Francisco's Eureka Lodge to U.S. Assistant Attorney General Herbert Wechsler. Rehker writes that Richard Auras joined Eureka Lodge No. 6 on October 14, 1937, after the lodge had investigated his character and found him to be "upright and honest," adding his belief that Auyras would be a "loyal and faithful" citizen of the United States.

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Petition and Affidavit By Curt Benedict arguing for overturn of denial of release of Richard Auras from Internment, 1946

Letter from Richard Auras to William Langer regarding his internment status decision, 1946

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Internment, Ellis Island, German, Germany, Fort Lincoln, Richard Auras, World War II, WWII

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Eureka Lodge No. 6

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Richard Auras, R. Rehker, Herbert Wechsler

Letter from Secretary of Eureka Lodge NO. 6 Wm. Rehker to Assistant Attorney General Herbert Wechsler regarding Richard Auras, 1945