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This letter, dated August 13, 1956, from John B. Hart, Executive Director of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission, to United States (US) Senator William Langer references an enclosed ditto copy of an editorial appearing in the August 8 issue of the Devils Lake Journal. Hart writes that Langer might want to file the article for future reference.

The editorial, titled "It's Time for Clarification," argues that, since the Supreme Court affirmed the position of the State of North Dakota that it "could not legally accept jurisdiction over Indian reservations within its borders," the time has come for the US Bureau of Indian Affairs and state agencies to clarify areas of confusion, particularly in areas of law enforcement and welfare, and start to co-operate rather than working at cross purposes, and that inconsistent treatment has caused tribal members to lose respect for the government.

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William Langer, John B. Hart

Letter from John B. Hart to Senator Langer Regarding Editorial in Devil's Lake Journal, August 13, 1956