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This letter, dated May 2, 1955, from Brigadier General E. C. Itschner, Assistant Chief of Engineers for Civil Works, United States (US) Army Corps of Engineers to US Senator William Langer, refers to Langer's letter of March 25 and its enclosed letter from a group of farmers concerned about the loss of farmland to erosion due to factors related to the construction of the Garrison Dam. Itschner writes that the lands in question have been inspected by representatives of the US Army Corps of Engineers, and gives some background on the nature of the lands in question and the rates of erosion prior to the construction of the Garrison Dam. Included with this letter is a map of the area in question with markings indicating erosion during prior periods.

Itschner explains that, while the reduced peak flows and more stable flows resulting from the near-term operation of the dam may serve to reduce downstream erosion, there are other effects from the reservoir that may tend in the opposite direction, so that it is impossible to say whether the dam will ultimately increase or decrease downstream erosion. "In any event," Itschner claims, "there is no basis at present to conclude that the operation of Garrison Dam is accelerating downstream erosion rates." He states furthermore that "the Corps of Engineers has no authority at present whereby they could expend federal funds for construction of the suggested remedial work," a reference to a suggestion by the downstream farmers that the riverbanks in question be protected by extensive "rip rapping."

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Nate Olds, Charles W. Russell, Melvin Marline, Byron Grannis, William Langer, E. C. Itschner

Letter from E. C. Itschner to Senator Langer Regarding Erosion Downstream of the Garrison Dam, May 2, 1955