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The Industrious Lord-Mayor of London, From Industry and Idleness, Plate 12

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William Hogarth’s prints comment on the social upheaval that English society experienced in the eighteenth century. In Industry and Idleness, Hogarth offers a moralizing tale supporting hard work as the means to get ahead. The series follows the exploits of two young workers—while the industrious apprentice would prosper and become the Lord Mayor of London, his idle friend would turn to a life of crime, culminating in the scene depicted here.


Scriptural Text on ornate shield beneath main image: Proverbs Chapter 3, verse 10: "Length of days is in her right hand, and her left hand Riches and Honour." Lower Right Bottom of Image: Published accordingly let of Parliament Sept 30 1747. Lower Left Bottom of Image: Designed & Engraved by Wm Hogarth. Verso: Stamp Cleveland College Library [Center].

James Smith Pierce Collection

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