B.L. Singley



Artist Dates

1864 - 1938


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Date of Work

c. 1903

Date of Work



Stereoscopic Slide






Art & Design Study Collection, James Smith Pierce Collection.


Stored: SS-Box-JSP-1


UND Art Collections Repository

Additional Information

Black and white photo of a woman sat on a large rock looking out at several snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Text on front left:

Keystone View Company

Manufacturers Publishers

Copyright 1903, by

B. L. Singley. Made in U.S.A.

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13806 - Mt. Sir Donald, Matterhorn of the North American Alps, B.C., Canada.

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Meadville, Pa., St. Louis, Mo., Portland, Ore., New York, N.Y., Toronto, Can., London, Eng.

"Fifty or sixty Switzerlands rolled into one," is Mr. Edward Whymper's summary of the Rockies of Canada. Mr. Whym- per was the first to ascend the Swiss Matterhorn, July 14, 1805, where three of his companions and a guide lost their lives. In l878 he went to South America and climbed Chimborazo (20,517 feet) and four other lofty peaks of the Andes. He has passed his sixtieth year, and is well known as a mountain climber of great experience; he is a scholar who speaks with understanding, and an author of note. the Canadian Alps that they are fifty or sixty Switzerlands rolled into one, we are obliged to take him seriously. Yet, with the stereographs of these superb mountains hands, we scarcely need even an experienced mountain climber to tell us that here is something of wonderful interest and d value.

See the mighty pyramid, that the Lord made and not man,- a pyramid that would bury a million mummied Pharaohs in one of its icy gorges. Not a monument to a dead king is this stupendous pile; instead, it draws our eyes and our thoughts heavenward, saying with Moses: Before the mountains were brought forth, From everlasting to everlasting, Thou art God.

From scenes of such grandeur and beauty we must turn to the common work-a-day world. We are next in Montana.


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