B.L. Singley



Artist Dates

1864 - 1938


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Date of Work

c. 1903


Stereoscopic Slide






Art & Design Study Collection, James Smith Pierce Collection.


Stored: SS-Box-JSP-1


UND Art Collections Repository

Additional Information

Black and white photo of a man holding a pickaxe looking over his shoulder at large ice formations covered in snow.

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Keystone View Company

Manufacturers Publishers

Copyright 1903, by

B. L. Singley. Made in U.S.A.

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18802 - Among the Wonderful Ice Peaks of the Illecillewaet Glacier, British Columbia, Canada.

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Meadville, Pa., St. Louis, Mo., Portland, Ore., New York, N.Y., Toronto, Can., London, Eng.

Text on back:

Turrets and pinnacles and towers, mountains walls of ice, and abysmal crevasses that would swallow a regiment of tourists at a gulp - how fascinating and how perilous is this wondrous glacial park in the Selkirks. The snowfalls of successive winters are indicated by the layers of ice that look like the layers of stone in the walls of a palace.

"The Paradis of the entire hemisphere" - such is the region of the Canadian Alps in the opinion of the Rev. James Outram, an experienced mountaineer who has made many "first ascents." "Here", he writes, "and here alone, the multitudinous conditions of Switzerland are combined - the wondrous glacial fields, the massing of majestic ranges. the striking precipices and snow crowned peaks, the forest areas, clear lakes and peaceful valleys. Much of it may be enjoyed without passing from the sight or sound of the transcontinental railroad."

Mr. W. Dwight Wilcox, F.R.G.S., in his masterful volume, "The Rockies of Canada," says to intending visitors: "Imagine, then, you intend to make a trip into the mountains. You must first engage your packer and cook, and procure saddle horses and a full outfit of blankets, tents and general camp necessaries. There are agents at Banff, who will furnish you with horses, men and everything needed for trips of whatever length or nature, and thus relieve you of all responsibility."

This New World Switzerland has its Matterhorn -


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