B.L. Singley



Artist Dates

1864 - 1938


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Date of Work

c. 1899

Date of Work



Stereoscopic Slide






Art & Design Study Collection, James Smith Pierce Collection.


Stored: SS-Box-JSP-1


UND Art Collections Repository

Additional Information

Black and white photo of a man jumping from two large rock formations in a forest.

Text on front left:

Keystone View Company

Manufacturers Publishers

Copyright 1899, by

B. L. Singley. Made in U.S.A.

Text on front below image:

9676 - Leaping to Stand Rock, Wisconsin Dells, Wis., U.S.A.

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Meadville, Pa., St. Louis, Mo., Portland, Ore., New York, N.Y., Toronto, Can., London, Eng.

Text on back:

The natural scenery of Wisconsin affords a constant delight to the traveller who is fond of beholding nature in her original beauty and grandeur. It abounds in crystal lakes, and stately forests, rocky chasms, and weird monuments of geological interest. The Wisconsin Dells, far-famed for their scenic beauty, are about 125 miles above Prairie du Chien, where the Wisconsin River empties into the Mississippi, and a little south and west of the center of the state. They consist of a series of Postdam sandstone cliffs, extending about seven miles along the banks of the Wisconsin River. By the action of the waters which have at some remote period swept through here with great force, these cliffs have been cut into curious and beautiful forms of endless variety.

Stand Rock, which we view in this picture, is a water-rounded column about 46 feet high, supporting a superposed tablet about 18x24 feet in area. This large sandstone slab is nearly as level as the floor, and may be reached by a venturous leap of about 8 feet from the bridge. A pathway leads to the foot of it, and the view from the below is one of great interest and beauty.

Passing by Chicago's three universities, as they are much like other universities, we see a sight unique in the world - the Stockyards.


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