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Art & Design Study Collection, James Smith Pierce Collection.


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Black and white photo of a small house in a clearing in a forest. Photo is surrounded by an orange border.

Text on front:

Souvenir of Saratoga, N.Y.

Text on back:

Congress Spring.

The standard Mineral Water.

It is a purely Natural Mineral Water, Cathartic, Alterative, and slightly stimulatıng and tonic in its effects, without producing the debility that usually attends a course of medicine.

It is used with marked success in affections of the Liver and Kidneys, and for Dyspepsia, Gout, Chronic Constipation and Cutaneous Diseases it is unrivaled.

It is especially beneficial as a general preservative of the tone of the stomach and purity of the blood, and a powerful preventive of Fevers and Bilious Complaints.

The Congress Spring Water is of special value to ladies, as from its great purifying properties it has good effect in clearing the skin and giving it a healthy, beautiful appearance. In the morning a safe CATHARTIC, it tones the appetite and promotes digestion. For its tonic properties in giving strength to the nervous system, curing sick headache, palpitation of the heart and dyspepsia it is of inestimable value. The stomach is cleansed and purified, the nervous and muscular system invigorated and germs of disease thrown off.

Saratoga owes its wonderful growth and popularity largely to the recognized medicinal merit of Congress Spring Water. The advantageous combinations of its salts, and its almost entire freedom from iron, should give it the well-merited preference it has attained as a cathartic water. ant, without producing debility, reaction or intestinal irritation.

The over-strong, harsh, iron saline waters produce watery alvine ejections, and, if long continued, an irritation and even inflammation of the intestinal canal. This is a point to be borne in mind, and it should not be overlooked in the use of this class of waters. Chloride of sodium waters above a medium strength are irritating to certain constitutions, and capable of exciting gastric catarrh.

The superior excellence of Congress Water is evidenced in the happy proportions of its several ingredients which combine to make it so efficient, and in the positive and absolute solution in which these pure ingredients are held when BOTTLED, proving its distinct and incomparable character as a Saline Cathartic and Alterative Water, in contrast with those saline waters holding an excess of LIME and IRON in their composition, that powerful acids fail to keep in entire solution; nor do dark bottles, covered with paper labels, entirely disguise the iron precipitate and sediment which is so irritating to the kidneys and alimentary canal.

Congress water is put up in clear green glass bottles (and in no other way), as pure, safe and natural as it flows from the cleft rock at its base.

Always keep a case in your cellar. None genuine sold on draught.

For Pamphlets, Circulars, and Analysis Cards, Giving Full Information Regarding the Use of Mineral Waters, send to the Company's Office.

For sale (in Bottles only) by all leading Druggists, Grocers, Wine Merchants and Hotels.


CONGRESS SPRING CO., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.