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83rd Congress,1stSession



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This act, dated August 15, 1953, also knows as United States Public Law 83-280, confers jurisdiction on the States of California, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, and Wisconsin, with respect to criminal offenses and civil causes of action committed or arising on Indian reservations within such States, and for other purposes, except where noted.

This act also gives the consent of the United States to the people of any State "to amend, where necessary, their State constitution or existing statutes, as the case may be, to remove any legal impediment to the assumption of civil and criminal jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions of this Act . . . Provided That the pro-visions of this Act shall not become effective with respect to such assumption of jurisdiction by any such State until the people thereof have appropriately amended their State constitution or statutes as the case may be."

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jurisdiction, criminal, civil, crimes, law enforcement

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US Congress, US Senate, US House of Representatives, State of Minnesotal, State of Nebraska, State of Wisconsin, State of California, State of Oregon, Red Lake Reservation, Warm Springs Reservation, Menominee Reservation


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An Act to  Confer  Jurisdiction  on the  States  of  California,  Minnesota,  Nebraska,  Oregon,  and  Wisconsin,  With  Respect  to  Criminal  Offenses   and  Civil  Causes  of  Action  Committed   or  Arising   on  Indian   Reservations   Within   Such   States,  and   for   Other  Purposes



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