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This 1904 transcription of “An Act to Provide for the Allotment of Lands in Severalty to Indians on the Various Reservations," also knows the General Allotment Act or the Dawes Act of 1887 was printed in vol. I of Charles Kappler’s Indian Affairs. Laws and Treaties. Originally passed on February 8, 1887, this act authorized the US government to break up reservations and tribal lands, previously held in common, into individual plots. Aimed at assimilating Indigenous people into white society, this act promoted agriculture and grazing by allotting tribal members or families who registered a portion of reservation land outlined in the document. Furthermore, this document granted American citizenship to those who accepted the division of tribal lands.

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Assimilation, allotment, reservation, Indians, Indian territory, settlers, citizen of the United States, removal, sale, Cherokees, Cherokee, Cherokee Nation, Creeks, Creek, Creek Nation, Muscogee, Choctaws, Choctaw, Choctaw Nation, Chickasaws, Chickasaw, Chickasaw Nation, Seminoles, Seminole, Seminole Nation, the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma, Osage, Osage Nation, Miamies and Peorias, Miamies, Miami Nation, Peorias, the Confederated Peorias, Peoria, Sacs and Foxes, Sac and Fox Nation, Sacs, Sac, Sauk, Foxes, Fox, Seneca Nation of New York Indians, Sioux Nation, Southern Ute Indians, Ute, Southern Utes

Organizations Referenced

US Senate, US House of Representatives, US Office of Indian Affairs, US Department of Interior, US General Land Office, Seneca Nation of New York, Cherokee Nation, Creek Nations, Choctaw Nation, Chickasaw Nation, Seminole Nation, Sioux Nation, Osage Nation, Miami Nation, the Confederated Peorias, Sac and Fox Nation, Southern Ute Tribe

People Referenced

Charles J. Kappler, Henry L. Dawes


Government Printing Office


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Long title: An Act to Provide for the Allotment of Lands in Severalty to Indians on the Various Reservation

Alternative Titles: General Allotment Act; the Dawes Severalty Act

Recommended Citation

Charles Kappler, ed., “An Act to Provide for the Allotment of Lands in Severalty to Indians on the Various Reservations (General Allotment Act or Dawes Act),” Indian Affairs. Laws and Treaties (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1904): I:33-36.

An Act to Provide for the Allotment of Lands in Severalty to Indians on the Various Reservations (Kappler) (Kappler)



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