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This United States (US) public law, also known as the Indian Relocation Act or Adult Vocational Training Program passed on August 3, 1956, allowed for the Secretary of the Interior to establish vocational training programs for Indigenous people aged 18-35 with the expressed goal of increasing employment opportunities. The law additionally aimed to encourage Indigenous people to leave reservations and “assimilate” into more urban populations. The program resulted in many Indigenous people being moved off their land and into cities where they did not have the resources or support to establish themselves.

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Indian Relocation Act, Adult Vocational Training Program, public law

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The Department of the Interior


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An Act Relative to Employment for Certain Adult Indians on or Near Indian Reservations. Public Law 959. Statues at Large 70, (1956): 986.

An Act Relative to Employment for Certain Adult Indians on or Near Indian Reservations



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