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THIS BOOKLET DESCRIBES THE CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES TO ADDRESS AND PROMOTE GOOD ORAL HEALTH IN NORTH DAKOTA Research and funding agencies stress the importance of using data to guide, develop, and implement effective and targeted activities to promote health equity. The data presented in this resource can aid decision makers, program developers, health professionals, dental teams, state agencies, and others when responding to the needs of North Dakota communities. USING THIS BOOKLET Countless providers, dental teams, local public health units, clinicians, agencies, and programs in the state are doing amazing work to ensure a healthy North Dakota. However, there are still many opportunities to address the burden of poor oral health for the individual, the community, providers, and the State. This booklet presents data, by topic, to demonstrate opportunities to implement targeted interventions, improving not only health of the mouth, but overall health! Tables, figures, infographics, and information from this booklet can and should be shared with community partners, implementors, and decision makers. The booklet can be shared in its entirety, but it has also been developed so that topic and populationspecific infographics can be disseminated independently. All data, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are specific to North Dakota. Because this resource utilizes data from multiple secondary data sources, the terms utilized throughout will match the terms utilized by the source. For example, the terms Indigenous, American Indian, and Alaska Native will be used intentionally and to match the terms of the data source. This booklet combines data from dozens of local, state, and national organizations. For this guide, all percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number. More specific, current, and un-rounded data can be accessed through the North Dakota Oral Health Surveillance page. Original data files and/or sources of reported data can be found in the References or the Data Sources of this booklet.