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The Mission of the North Dakota Department of Health (ND DoH) Oral Health Program (OHP) is to improve the oral health of all North Dakotans through prevention and education. Funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) State Actions to Improve Oral Health Outcomes enables the OHP to implement oral health promotion and prevention activities that address targeted need within the state. Component one of the grant addresses oral health disparities by both maintaining the existing public health capacity among the OHP, and identifying, implementing, evaluating, and disseminating best practices for oral health promotion and disease prevention among vulnerable populations.

To measure reach of the school-based dental sealant program (SEAL!ND), the evaluation team interviewed OHP team members and reviewed data collected at the dental screenings. To assess the efficacy of CWF activities, the evaluation team interviewed OHP staff members, reviewed policies and training on CWF, and developed evaluation tools to assess any training on the topic of water fluoridation for diverse audiences. To assess the data surveillance plan, the evaluation team reviewed data collection procedures, interviewed OHP staff and leadership, and reviewed all dissemination materials utilized to share oral health data.

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