Anna Mae Hughes Fan Collection


Absolution (Preparing for Him)

Additional Information

The artist is from Sonoma State University

This work is from UND’s third national print portfolio competition for undergraduate students: Smoke & Mirrors - Selected student works from Plain Brown Wrapper 2010 Print Competition.

The competition was developed in 2005 by Professor Kim Fink to bring attention to college-level printmaking programs.

The juror in 2010, Marjorie Devon, Director of the Tamarind Institute, said the following about the portfolio’s title:

Asked to suggest a theme for the portfolio, the phrase: “smoke and mirrors” popped into my head as I reviewed the work that I had selected. Although that phrase is often used in a disparaging way, that was far from my mind. Maybe, given its origin in magic, it was in the context of the alchemy of printmaking; or, perhaps, it was the expressions of “illusion” that crept into a number of the artists’ imagery. Smoke is atmosphere, as prints often are, and there is implied reflection. So, for me, the theme of smoke and mirrors suggests atmosphere and revelation rather than obfuscation and deception.