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Mathematical Problems in Engineering




Te high-flled cut-and-cover tunnel (HFCCT) is a solution to reclaim more useable lands due to the unique landforms of Loess Plateau in northwestern China. Because of the ultrahigh backfll, the estimation of vertical earth pressure will signifcantly afect the design and safety of the cut-and-cover tunnel (CCT). Te current methods for estimating the vertical earth pressure are either to overestimate or underestimate the vertical earth pressure on the top of HFCCT. To more precisely estimate the vertical earth pressure distribution, the vertical earth pressure based on the soil column pressure, �h (h: the height of backfll above the CCT), needs to be properly modifed. Considering diferent infuential factors, four corresponding coefcients are proposed: �0: crosssectional shape of CCT efect, �1: stifness of backfll efect, �2: width of CCT efect, and �3: coupling efect of slope angle, �, and the ratio of B/D. It is found that �0 has little infuence; the �3 and �1 reduce and �2 amplifes the �h. Te corresponding general forms for these coefcients are determined based on fnite element analysis results. A general equation for estimating vertical earth pressure for the HFCCT including these four coefcients is proposed. Meanwhile, this general form is verifed by the numerical analysis results and experimental results for diferent cases. Terefore, this proposed equation is applicable to estimate the vertical earth pressure for existing or newly designed HFCCT. Furthermore, this proposed method can signifcantly reduce the computational work in engineering analysis.





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