Theatre Arts Holds First Ever Dance Concert

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Theatre Arts Holds First Ever Dance Concert

by Sean Lee

Saturday, 7:30 pmBurtness Theatre

UND Theatre Arts is hosting the first ever dance concert this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at the Burtness Theatre. The show will feature a variety of dance techniques including solo, duel and group works conceptualized and choreographed by six minors in dance. For the six undergraduates choreographing the upcoming concert at the University of North Dakota, directing is a brand new experience. “It’s about being in charge of everything,” said UND Senior Becky Bjorg.

A concert two semesters in the making, the students worked hard to create dances from the ground up. From conception in the fall semester to rehearsals in the spring.

As a dancer herself, Bjorg is usually taking direction from teachers and choreographers. It’s usually a tough gig, but not as tough as leading the 30 dancers in the production. “In the end, its all about what's being shown on stage,” she said.

Among the many challenges the students face are differences in experience level.

“We have some dancers that are just beginning and others who have been doing it for a number of years,” said Assistant Professor Lon Hurst. “It doesn't make a homogeneous class... especially in small groups.”

In the end, the diverse number of “bodies moving across space and time,” said Hurst, should produce an outstanding show. “It’s a concert, verses a ‘recital,’” meaning that there is no set theme or storyline for the evening. “It’s dancing at the service of nothing else.”

Nine total works will be preformed on Saturday, with three solo performances and six group dances. Most are abstract works featuring music from contemporary, hip-hop and lyrical genres. “It’s sure to be an interesting evening of concert dance,” said Hurst.

“The difference from other classes, we are preforming for our teacher or for our parents,” said sophomore Jackie O’Neil. “[In this concert] we will be preforming for ourselves.”

The UND Theatre Arts Department will host their first ever dance concert this Saturday, August 30th at 7:30 p.m for one night only. Call (701) 777-2587 for more information.

Theatre at UND began 100 years ago when English professor Frederick Koch founded the “Sock and Buskin Society” with a goal “to prepare the way for a New American Theatre.” As a “laboratory of dramatic literature,” the society is one of the earliest organizations dedicated to teaching, performance and playwriting on a university campus.

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