UND Nickname Committee submits short list of five nicknames

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UND Nickname Committee submits short list of five nicknames

The UND Nickname Committee, chartered by UND President Robert Kelley in early 2015, has concluded its work and has agreed on a final short list of names to be submitted for a public vote. At its final meeting on Tuesday evening, July 21, the Committee agreed on the following list of potential nicknames to be submitted:

  • Fighting Hawks
  • Nodaks
  • North Stars
  • Roughriders
  • Sundogs

Said President Kelley: “We appreciate the extraordinary effort this committee has put into this process. The committee members developed a thorough public suggestion process that yielded a wide variety of potential nicknames, and in a short period of time narrowed this list to the final five names. They have fulfilled their charter, and I’m confident that we have a sound basis of broad public input and careful deliberation as we take these potential nicknames into the next phase of this process and take the final steps towards identifying a nickname for the University of North Dakota.”

It is anticipated that the final voting process will take place after students and faculty have returned to the UND campus, one of several recommendations also submitted by the committee for President Kelley’s consideration. The University will announce the details of the voting process in the near future. The process for developing a potential logo has not yet been determined, and the University is not accepting or retaining any logo submissions at this time.

David Dodds University & Public Affairs writer

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