The UND Success Center is a great place to start for students needing a little extra academic assistance


Kate Menzies

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The UND Success Center is a great place to start for students needing a little extra academic assistance

As one semester ends and another begins, it is an important time for reflection.

For students, this may involve grades, and whether or not they received the grades they desired. With the new semester in sight, planning is key, and the University of North Dakota Student Success Center is here to help.

The Student Success Center provides programs and services in advising, support services and learning services to aid students in the development and implementation of their educational plans and goals.

"It's a hidden resource for students," said Lisa Burger, director/assistant vice president of student academic services. "Here at the Student Success Center, we can offer services to help students be as successful as they can be."

One such program that the Center offers is drop-in tutoring for students throughout the semester. All drop-in tutor sessions meet in the Student Success Center Tutor Lab on the second floor of the Memorial Union, Room 264. The services provided at the Center are done at no extra cost to UND students, making it the go-to place if in need of assistance.

Tutoring is offered by peers who are certified by the College of Reading & Learning Association, which establishes certification requirements and supplies assessment tests for those interested in becoming tutors. Tutors are students who have excelled in a certain course area and come highly recommended by faculty in their respective programs.

Valeria Becker, a learning specialist/tutor coordinator at the Center, says peer tutoring is an effective way to help students understand the material covered in classes.

"Students understand other students and know what they are going through," said Becker.

The Center works with departments and professors to make sure that tutoring is available in the various subject areas offered at UND. Topics of study for tutoring range from accounting to Spanish and focus mainly on the 100- and 200-level classes.

The Tutor Lab is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. A schedule of available tutors and dates is available online.

Sometimes, students can be hesitant to ask for assistance out of fear of being judged.

"Students have to be brave enough to ask for help," said Burger.

"Students have the ability to learn, they just need the tools, and that's what we are here for," said Becker.

Other services offered by the Center include access to learning specialists and advisors, who are available to help students select courses, and also help in the key areas of student success, such as time management and study skills.

With this information, students can be better prepared to tackle the semester that lies ahead.

"The Center can help anyone struggling in any way," said Becker. "It's a great place to start."

For more information, contact the Student Success Center (second floor of the Memorial Union in Room 264) at 701.777.2117.

Kate Menzies University & Public Affairs student writer

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