Each year, hundreds of UND scholarships are available to help students pay for their education


Jordan Cespedes

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Each year, hundreds of UND scholarships are available to help students pay for their education

College can be expensive. That's just a fact.

Between tuition, books and living costs, it can be hard to find two pennies to rub together.

But there is a way to ease the cost of college: scholarships. Each year, hundreds of scholarships are given away within each college at the University of North Dakota.

Shannah Henk, a White Bear Lake, Minn. native and UND junior majoring in marketing and minoring in leadership, has taken advantage of scholarships.

"I have applied for all of the general scholarships through the College of Business and Public Administration (CoBPA), as well as all of the marketing-specific scholarships." Henk explained.

Henk first heard about the multitude of scholarships at UND through a faculty advisor for Alpha Kappa Psi.

"The fact that a faculty member took the time to specifically let me know that she thought I would be a good fit for them was a huge part of why I took the time to apply," Henk said.

Most applications take less than an hour to complete and if there is an essay, depending on the scholarship, it might not be more than two pages.

Henk has been awarded scholarships that not only helped in paying for tuition but gave her the opportunity to get a paid internship.

"Getting that hands on experience while also being able to make money to go towards my education is a rare experience and has helped me immensely," She said.

Donors have a huge impact on the scholarships ? they're the ones giving up the money to help pay for tuition.

According to Judy Jahnke, an admissions and records officer in the CoBPA dean's office, "the College would like to increase the number of applicants for scholarships, particularly those that are connected to smaller departments and programs." With more than 190 scholarships offered at CoBPA, clearly there is a lot of donor support for the education needs of qualified students.

"We have a wonderful source of scholarships and have very generous alumni and donors," said Joyce Muz, with the UND Communication Program.

The Communication Program also is generous when it comes to awarding students scholarships.

"Sometimes students will be awarded more than one scholarship," Muz said. Multiple scholarships mean more tuition that gets paid.

It's all about making college easier; applying for scholarships is one way to do that. From hundreds of dollars to thousands, the smallest difference can have a huge impact later on.

Jordan Cespedes University & Public Affairs student writer

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