Trevor Mikacevich honored as the Student Employee of the Year by UND and North Dakota


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Trevor Mikacevich honored as the Student Employee of the Year by UND and North Dakota

On the University of North Dakota Aerospace Flight Operations line service crew, there is one employee that takes on all challenges and critical duties with a smile every day.

He is Trevor Mikacevich, a native of St. Paul, Minn., a flight-line ground support employee who helps take care of 89 fixed wing aircraft and 12 helicopters at UND. He's also a student at UND.

Mikacevich's work for UND Aerospace has been lauded by his bosses, flight instructors and student pilots ? enough so that he has been named the Student Employee of the Year honored by UND and the State of North Dakota.

"I felt very honored when I received Student Employee of the year," Mikacevich said. "I know that a lot of student employees at my job deserve this award along with multiple other student employees throughout the University. I am very grateful for being nominated and chosen for the award."

The Student Employee of the Year is a program sponsored by the National Student Employment Association (NSEA), in which UND has been involved for the past six years.

After being named UND's Student Employee of the Year, Mikacevich's nomination packet has been sent on to the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (MASEA) for consideration at the regional level. MASEA selected an award recipient for each state in the Midwest. Mikacevich was chosen to receive the North Dakota State Student Employee of the Year award.

Mikacevich has been working for UND Aerospace Flight Operations-Flight Support Services as a line service operator since May of 2013. He is currently pursuing a bachelor degree with a major in commercial aviation. He plans to be a certified flight instructor after graduation, and continue to work for UND Aerospace.

"I really enjoy working for UND Line Service Operations," Mikacevich said. "The full-time and part-time staffs are great to work with. I also like that I get to work with airplanes and dispatch for my job. I think it is beneficial to be a part of the flight operations aspect of aviation."

Deldrick Smith, a fellow line service operator, and Danny Holwerda, a flight line manager for Flight Operations-Flight Support Services, nominated Mikacevich for the award because of his reliability and quality of work.

According to Holwerda, Mikacevich is a key reason his crew is able to support more than 110,000 flying hours by UND Aerospace pilots each year. Mikacevich has personally performed 1,700 services, safely refueling aircraft with 27,000 gallons of hazardous aviation gasoline.

"Trevor is the right person to execute these challenging and critical duties," Holwerda said. "He accomplishes these duties flawlessly without incident or accident and he can be counted on to perform these tasks the right way each time."

Mikacevich will be recognized at the annual Memorial Union Leadership Awards ceremony on Friday, April 25, and receive a $500 scholarship for the spring semester.

"Combine the proficiency with an unmatched work ethic, along with a sustained positive attitude, and we are truly fortunate to have Trevor as a key member of our 45-person team," Holwerda said. "He represents all the positive qualities encompassing the nomination criteria and is a model university representative for this prestigious recognition."

Chen Wu University & Public Affairs student writer

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