UND sophomore music sensation Will Biernat has garnered more than 100,000 followers on social media


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UND sophomore music sensation Will Biernat has garnered more than 100,000 followers on social media

University of North Dakota sophomore Will Biernat has reached sensation status for his viral music videos on the social networking site called Vine, which features six-second video clips.

Biernat, a native of Eagan, Minn., started making the short videos of him singing and sometimes playing the piano on Vine last summer. He began with only 1,000 people following him that jumped considerably to 30,000 followers almost overnight. He now has more than 100,000 followers.

Biernat got into music young when his parents "forced" him to take piano lessons. He didn't like piano much then but appreciated the lessons later on in high school when music became a larger interest. His junior and senior years are when Biernat got serious about music, taking voice lessons, and even trying out for singing competition shows.

Biernat has tried out to be on the popular singing competition show The Voice, and he made it onto another show, The X-Factor, as an alternate. Although he didn't get the chance to sing in front of The X-Factor judges, it was right after that his music videos on Vine blew up.

He started out using Vine to share his music; Biernat now uses the social media site to network with other musicians and to meet people in the business. Biernat's efforts have paid off as he has made connections with record labels and producers who are now helping to make his first demo. He will be going to Los Angeles in June to work on it.

Biernat describes his genre of music as Pop and R&B, inspired by musicians such as Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Miguel, and his favorite band The Fray. He likes music that is different but also relevant. He likes when a song tells a story, captures a moment and is relatable.

With dreams of making it with his music career, Biernat is still pursuing a Communications degree at UND and says if he cannot be a singer, he would still like to work in the music industry in some way. He has been a member of the Studio One journalism crew at UND since the Spring of 2013, working as a news reporter and video journalist for the award-winning television show. Starting next fall, Biernat will be Studio One's newest news anchor.

Biernat has now begun posting longer videos of his and others work on his YouTube site under the name, TheWB1234. His Vine page can be followed under his name, Will Biernat.

Kortnie Evanson University & Public Affairs student writer

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