Career Services is there to help students before they graduate and step into the job market


Kate Menzies

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Career Services is there to help students before they graduate and step into the job market

Graduation is an exciting time here at the University of North Dakota.

Most students are eager for classes to commence and to step into the world of their desired career path, but others are left anxiously awaiting their next move.

UND student Alyssa Wentz is among the numerous December graduates without a clear idea of what her future holds. The Grand Forks, N.D., native does not have a job lined up after she graduates, however she would love to be a writer.

Wentz is open to wherever her degree takes her.

"Whether I would be a journalist in a newspaper, a magazine or even author of a novel, I love writing and the communications major has allowed me to develop those skills that I could carry into any of those endeavors," said Wentz.

For students like Wentz, UND Career Services can provide tools and services to connect them with employers and ultimately their dream jobs.

Career services can help with professional career needs by reviewing and assisting in the cover letter process, practicing interviews and networking, connecting students with careers and job listings and providing co-op and internship assistance to name a few.

Kallie Van De Venter is another student who isn't quite ready to step full-fledge into the job market. Instead, the Oaks, N.D., native is seeking an internship offer and has a few job interviews lined up. The communications major who is also minoring in Recreation and Tourism Studies, hopes to someday be a recreational programmer for a parks and recreation district. Van De Venter has never used Career Services but wishes she would have.

"I wish I would have utilized the resume services," she said. "You just kind of forget it is there."

On the other hand, there are some December grads who are ready to dive into their career of choice, like Adam Heine. Originating from Ellendale, N.D., Heine is pursuing a degree in accountancy and managerial finance & accounting. His dream job is to get a financial management position. After graduation, Heine has plans to work at Deloitte L.L.P., as tax consultant, after having had an internship with the company during the summer of 2012.

Heine was connected with the company through the Spring Career Fair, which was hosted by Career Services. Because of the Career Fair, he was able to get his name out there and network with career professionals.

Heine has used Career Services not only for the Career Fair, but also for social events like etiquette lunches to make himself a more rounded applicant. Looking back he wishes he would've used more of the resume writing services Career Services had to offer.

For students that are unaware of their future, don't stress just yet. Career Services has tools that can help students start planning for their life after UND.For more information, contact Ilene Odegard at ilene.odegard@UND.edu or 701.777.3904.

Kate Menzies University & Public Affairs student writer

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