Deans for Wellness event promotes healthier eating among faculty and staff


Kate Menzies

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Deans for Wellness event promotes healthier eating among faculty and staff

There was something healthy cooking Wednesday at the University of North Dakota College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines.

As part of UND's Deans for Wellness initiative, Dining Services along with Steve Light, dean of the College, provided a healthy cooking demonstration in conjunction with the school's "Live Fit Live Well" campaign.

At the event, Light stressed how imperative it is to promote health and wellness not just among students, but also among administration, faculty and staff members.

Light opened by saying that as a College devoted to helping communities be healthier "we need to walk the walk and talk the talk."

He added that simple changes in daily routines can make a great impact on a person's health. By opting for taking the stairs over the elevator or swapping a cookie for a piece of fruit, people can progress day by day toward better health.

Dining Services Chef Greg Gefroh demonstrated how to create healthy, vegetarian dishes, including hummus, fruity quinoa salad and black-bean brownies. Those who attended also received a healthy meal with artichoke hummus wraps.

Both Gefroh and Dustin Frize, campus dietitian, talked about efforts to make UND dining centers healthier places for students. Dining Centers are moving away from convenience foods and instead opting for fresher, healthier ingredients. Other improvements like the "Dining Stars Guide," along with gluten-free and vegetarian meal options, have raised the bar for healthy eating across campus.

Gefroh and Frize have reduced sodium in recipes by 33 percent and increased the consumption of whole grains in the dining centers as well.

Frize added how important it is for faculty to serve as good models for students.The event connected to the "Seven Dimensions of Wellness" that UND abides by.

UND's healthy initiatives have not gone unnoticed. Frize mentioned how during a national convention of university dining centers, UND was among the campuses highlighted during the presentation.

Gefroh also mentioned how this fall, more students opted for salads over burgers and pizzas. That's a step in the right direction from previous years.

The Deans for Wellness initiative is a concerted effort by UND Colleges and Schools to promote healthier habits and lifestyles on the UND campus and beyond.

Kate Menzies University & Public Affairs student writer

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