Winners announced in ‘Exceptional UND photo contest’


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Winners announced in ‘Exceptional UND photo contest’

"Smile UND!"

That's likely what a bunch of exceptionally inspired photographers might have been uttering over the past few weeks as they trekked campus hoping to snatch that perfect shot. At the same time, others scoured through personal photo archives on a similar mission ? to find images that encapsulated the spirit of the University of North Dakota and to "Show the HLC what makes UND exceptional."

Their photos ? 79 in all ? were submitted as part of UND's "Exceptional UND" photo contest in celebration of the school's 100th anniversary of continuous accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Campus community members voted by "liking" on Facebook their favorites in five categories that mirror the five tenets of UND President Robert Kelley's "Exceptional UND" strategic vision: Experience, Gather, Collaborate, Expand, and Enhance. Voting wrapped up last Friday.

There were 3,265 votes recorded and the winners were announced in Tuesday morning's edition of The Dakota Student newspaper. Each winner received a $50 gift card to the UND Bookstore and all submitters received an Exceptional UND T-shirt.

As part of ongoing preparation for the HLC site visit later this month, the campus community was encouraged to take part in the photo contest. The different perspectives will serve as a collective portrait of the University and will play a key role in the HLC re-accreditation process. The contest also has raised student awareness of the importance of the HLC visit.

In addition to having their photos featured in The Dakota Student, contest winners can expect to see their photos displayed across campus as a welcome to the HLC as it conducts its site visit on Oct. 28-30.

The Exceptional UND photo contest is sponsored in part by the UND Bookstore and The Dakota Student.

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