A touch of pink: NLSA fundraiser will likely continue until the snow Flys

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A touch of pink: NLSA fundraiser will likely continue until the snow Flys

A University of North Dakota student group is adding a little color to unsuspecting homeowners' front lawns this month in a fun and good-natured effort to raise money for a good cause.

UND's Nonprofit Leadership Student Association (NLSA) currently is soliciting donations to send 11 of its members to a professional development conference in Chicago in January. In return, donors can request that NLSA "flock" someone's front lawn with bright pink flamingos.

A flock of flamingos comprises 10 plastic birds, but if that isn't enough, donors can order a super flock of 20 flamingos to inhabit someone's yard. The birds stay in the "victim's" yard for no more than 24 hours.

To order a flock e-mail, nlsaund@gmail.com, or call 701.777.3741.

According to Laura Roach, executive chair of the NLSA, the fundraiser will likely continue until the snow Flys. She said that the group has already sent a flock of flamingos to the house of UND President Robert Kelley and First Lady Marcia Kelley, on the UND campus.

"The proceeds of the flocking will directly help the students attending this conference," said Heather Helgeson, advisor for NLSA.

Alex Colestock, communications committee chair for NLSA said, "each of us has to raise $350 just for registration so any help is appreciated and flocking is a fun way to get the community involved."

NLSA provides social and cultural opportunities for its members, as well as preparing future leaders in the field of nonprofit leadership. The NLSA focuses on community service and volunteerism in the Grand Forks community.

In addition to leadership, members are given the opportunity to develop skills in working as a team. Students in the program have the opportunity to participate in hands on learning experiences with local nonprofit organizations and programs.

Kallie Van De Venter University & Public Affairs student writer

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