Studio One– award-winning internship at UND

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Studio One– award-winning internship at UND

College is about preparing students for careers. One internship on the UND campus teaches students how to develop their skills set and effectively market themselves after graduation. This training happens outside a class room and engages students on campus and in the community. To some, it’s a campus television show, to others, it’s the Studio One internship.

Shooting video, editing story footage, writing news releases and developing advertising are just a few Studio One internship assignments. The show offers hands-on experience in reporting, videography, weather reporting, sports reporting, producing, marketing and graphic design. Full time staff members of the UND Television Center and interns put the hour-long production together each week which is played across the Midwest and into Southern Manitoba.

The television show follows a similar format to morning new programs. Studio One debuted in 1987 on the UND campus and currently, individual students and the show have received more than 550 regional and national awards from professional communicators’ competitions across the country.

“This project is unique because students get a professional, real-world experience while in college,” says Executive Director Monte Koshel. “It’s a chance for undergraduates to test out their career objectives and give them ways to help them market themselves after graduation,” he adds.

Many interns say their experience has helped them even before graduation. “This summer I actually did get to use the skills the project taught me," says weather team intern Stephanie Waldref. "During the flood in Minot, [N.D.] I was working at the local news station KXMC-TV as the weekend/fill-in weather anchor. During the flood we did 24/7 news coverage for a week straight and everybody at the station banded together…I would have never been able to do any of that if it weren’t for the training I got at Studio One.”

Interns say the training and networking opportunities add value to the college experience as a whole. “Studio One had made me want to always strive for improvement in everything I do, not just in my stories at Studio One but also in my classes," says Studio One news reporter Britany Konop. "I find myself trying harder in my classes, paying more attention and I am more engaged in class discussions. I absolutely love being a part of Studio One, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything… I have met amazing people and have learned great things that I will take with me as I continue on in my broadcasting career.”

The Studio One program is currently in their internship recruitment season for the spring 2012 semester. Students from any major can apply to be an intern with the program. Available positions include, reporting, graphic design, Web design, anchoring, videography, marketing and more.

Suzanne Irwin

Director of Marketing for Studio One

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