Global Visions Film Series Presents “Adam’s Apples”

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Global Visions Film Series Presents “Adam’s Apples”

Wednesday, March 23, 7 p.m. Memorial Union Lecture Bowl

By Marcia Mikulak, Associate Professor, Dept. of Anthropology, UND

Adam’s Apples engages viewers with a dark humor and takes place based in a half-way house located within a rectory for recently paroled convicts. One convict, aptly named Adam arrives for a 12 week stay. Adam is a rough, hardened, tough neo-Nazi, whose anger is focused on Ivan, the priest who runs the half-way house in the rectory of a rural church.

The film is inspired by the biblical Book of Job and pits the protagonists Adam and Ivan against each other as they play out the age-old war of good versus evil. As one reviewer put it, in Danish, naiv (naïve) is an anagram for Ivan, and indeed Ivan is brimming with a particularly blinding naiveté that denies any notion of the existence of evil. Adam, portraying the embodiment of evil sets out to break Ivan’s unshakable faith in God. As the film evolves, both men find that they must change perspectives, providing the audience with surprising experiences that enhance the issues that give rise to the battle between good and evil.

I am interested in hearing the views of Global Visions Film Series audience members about the way good and evil are portrayed in this film. What do you think the movie says about the basic nature of humans, and their capacity to choose between good and evil?

Anthropology’s popular Global Visions Film Series brings an exciting array of films to the community of Grand Forks for the eighth consecutive year. The Global Visions Film Series presents two films per month in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl on the campus of UND.

The series is currently the only venue in Grand Forks to view award-winning, nationally recognized independent films from a wide variety of contemporary filmmakers around the world.

All films begin at 7 p.m. on various Wednesday evenings (changed from Tuesdays). The series will continue from now until May in the UND Memorial Union Lecture Bowl. The series is free and open to the public. Suggested donations of $1 are encouraged.

Film-goers are encouraged to come early to ensure a seat. Films to be presented include:

• "Amelie" (Wednesday, April 13)

• "The Kids are All Right" (Wednesday, April 27)

• "Terror’s Advocate" (Wednesday, May 4)

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