UND employees, faculty to be honored during 130th Founders Day event Feb. 28


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UND employees, faculty to be honored during 130th Founders Day event Feb. 28

The University of North Dakota will celebrate its 130th birthday with special employee and faculty recognitions and awards on Thursday, Feb. 28, during the Annual Founders Day celebration in the Memorial Union.

A reception will begin at 5:15 p.m., with the banquet at 6 p.m.

The University will honor 52 employees for 25 years of service as well as 39 retiring or retired employees; and pay tribute to excellence in education by presenting 12 departmental and faculty awards.

The Founders Day celebration will coincide with Spirit Week on the UND campus. Spirit Week, Feb. 25-March 2, is a time when alumni, current students and the entire campus community come together to celebrate the University with a weeklong series of fun and interesting activities and events.

The first Founders Day celebration was held in 1904, with the observance lasting the whole day and marking the anniversary of the signing of the act to place the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. This marked the day as the official birthday of UND.

Recognition for 25 Years of Service

Patti Alleva, School of Law; Julie B. Arnold, Center for Rural Health; Tammy J. Batzer, College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines; Roy B. Beard, Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC); Albert Berger, History; Diane J. Blue, Finance; Jeanne Boppre, Instructional Development; Sandy J. Braathen, Information Systems & Business Education.

Susan G. Carlson, School of Medicine & Health Sciences; Robert O. Davidson, Facilities; Gene Dubois, Languages; Tremayne J. Ebertowski, Facilities; Nels F. Forsman, Geology & Geological Engineering; Jay R. Gunderson, EERC; John M. Haugen, Energy & Environmental Research Center; Lori G. Hofland, Office of the Registrar.

Jeffrey E. Holm, Psychology; Peter B. Johnson, University Relations; Sharon M. Johnson, Education Foundation & Research; Darlene F. Kenmir, Facilities; Alan R. King, Psychology; Scott Kroeber, Aviation; Jeong Lee, Finance; James E. Lindlauf, Human Nutrition Research Center.

Gary R. Lovejoy, Facilites; Mary Loyland, Accountancy; Diane M. Martin, Facilities; Deneen M. Marynik, History; Elaine A. Metcalfe, TRIO Programs; Barry Milavetz, Research Development & Compliance; Arthur R. Miles, Electrical Engineering; Tonya C. Murphy, Surgery.

Thomas O'Neil, Computer Science; Patrick B. O'Neill, Economics; Dennis M. Pazderic, EERC; Steven M. Rand, English; Allison E. Ranisate, Library of the Health Sciences; Elizabeth Rheude, Music; Frances J. Scholand, Dining & Residence Services; Dick A. Schultz, Flight Operations; Jon D. Schumacher, Facilities; Clifford Staples, Sociology; Daniel J. Stepan, EERC.

Curtis W. Stofferahn, Sociology; Wayne Swisher, School of Graduate Studies; Beth M. Toay, College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines; Dennis L. Toom, Anthropology; Donna M. Turner, English; John Vitton, Management; Kathryn E. Williams, Office of Medical Education; Stephen Wonderlich, Clinical Neuroscience; Christopher J. Zygarlicke, EERC.

Retired and Retiring Faculty and Staff

Keith Anderson, Facilities; Jim Antes, Psychology & Peace Studies; Suezette R. Bieri, Space Studies; Paul Clark, Facilities; Karen Cloud, Chester Fritz Library; Veronica Dockter, University Children's Center; Sandra Donaldson, English & Women's Studies; Bridget Drummer, Nutrition & Dietetics; Steven Evanson, EERC; Cedric (Tony) A. Grainger, Atmospheric Sciences.

Del Hager, Children & Family Services; Norma Haley, Environmental Training; Marco Holter, Facilities; Raymond Johnson EERC; Vern Kary, Facilities; Barbara Kjemhus, Facilities; Barbara Knight, Library of the Health Sciences; Larry Klein, EERC; Susan Koprince, English; Sandy Kyllo, Alumni Association & Foundation, Jim Laternus, Facilities; Jan Laventure, Telecommunications; Thomas Leake, Facilities; Michael Lindquist, Facilities.

Tim Nikle, Facilities; Ed Olson, EERC; Sally Page, Office of Affirmative Action; David Peterson, Dining Support Services; Frances Sailer, Microbiology & Immunology; Judy Sannes, Disability Services; Karen Senger, Duplicating Services; Judy M. Slominski, Dining Services.

Lee W. Sundby, Dining Services; Betty L. Sveinson, Physical Therapy; Carolyn Thompson, Human Nutrition Research Center; Mark Thompson, Career Services; William Toprock, Facilities; Irvin Walen, John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences; Kay Williams, Human Nutrition Research Center.

Departmental and Faculty Awards

This year, $26,500 in awards will be presented Founders Day, with $16,500 coming from the UND Foundation.

Here is a list of awards and this year's winners:

Teaching, Research and Service Award (Faculty Scholar)

UND Foundation/B.C. Gamble Faculty Award for Individual Excellence in Teaching, Research or Creative Activity and Service- Wayne Seames, Chemical Engineering, $2,500.

Undergraduate Teaching Awards

UND Foundation/McDermott Faculty Award for Individual Excellence in Teaching- Joshua Bronfman, Music, $2,000.

UND Foundation/Lydia & Arthur Saiki Faculty Award for Individual Excellence in Teaching- Sheryl O'Donnell, English, $2,000.

Graduate or Professional Teaching Award

UND Foundation/ Thomas J. Clifford Faculty Award for Graduate or Professional Teaching Excellence- Paul Hardersen, Space Studies, $2,000.

Individual Award for Faculty Development or Service

UND Foundation/Thomas J. Clifford Faculty Achievement Award for Outstanding Faculty Development and Service- Elizabeth Bjerke, Aviation, $2,000.

Academic Advising Award

UND Foundation/Karleen Home Rosaaen Award for Excellence in Academic Advising- Meganne Masko, Music, $2,000.

Research Awards

UND Foundation/Thomas J. Clifford Faculty Achievement Award for Excellence in Research

Mark Hoffmann, Chemistry, $2,000

Holly Brown-Borg, Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics, $2,000.

Collaboration Awards

UND Award for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Research or Creative Work

Min Wu, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, $2,000

Julia Zhao, Chemistry, $2,000.

Department Teaching Award

UND Foundation/Thomas J. Clifford Award for Departmental Excellence in Teaching- Languages, $2,000.

Department Research Award

Fellow of the University Award for Departmental Excellence in Research-Center for Rural Health, $2,000.

Department Service Award

Fellow of the University Award for Departmental Excellence in Service- Music, $2,000.

David L. Dodds

University Relations writer

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