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The New

It’s amazing how much can be done with websites. It’s just as amazing how much isn’t.

While the UND website has grown and been a solid resource over the years, it’s time to do better. It’s time for us to offer you what you deserve.

For current students, faculty and staff, your starting point is the “My UND” link at the top of the page. Here you’ll find everything you need as an insider at UND - Blackboard, U-Mail, Campus Connection, and more. Over time, this will become your hub with customized views, single-sign-on access to your accounts, personalized calendars, quick links to the information you specifically need.

The biggest, overall benefit of the new site is that navigation is now consistent across every page. The header across the top of the page is every user’s guide to getting where you need to go. And no matter where you go on the site, that black header navigation, coupled with breadcrumbs, means you won’t get lost within or unable to get back where you started.

As more than 100 of us across campus build new webpages, implement apps and offer mobile versions of everything you need, your experience will become better, easier and more efficient. The UND Web Team (a new team of staff focusing on the University’s website as a whole) is working with people in every college, department, unit, and organization to redo each and every one of our more than 500,000 pages. That’s a lot. But, you’re worth it.

There’s nothing worse than needing information immediately and not being able to find it or understand it. Now, every page will have a logical outline, up-to-date content and upgraded tools to help you search, contact, submit, and apply. You can share pages to friends or family, surf the site on your mobile device, get help immediately through online chat, and view the site in multiple languages.

Our new site launched on December 21. However, this is just the beginning. Each day onward, we will be working to add more content and improve existing functionality. I am confident that you will discover things about UND that will make you proud, excited and enthused to be a part of this great University.

This whole project has been in the works at UND because we know that you – our users – are our most important critics. What we produce is for you, to help you, to inform you, and to be your guide to any and all information you need about UND.

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the new Your feedback is welcome at any time.

Amanda Hvidsten, Managing Editor

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