Student of the Month: Will Crawford

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Student of the Month: Will Crawford

Each month we feature a "Student of the Month" who accents different aspects of the UND experience. These unique, and perhaps inspiring, stories give us a glimpse into the personal perspectives and memorable moments of each student’s time at The University of North Dakota.

Will Crawford recently helped lead one of the region's largest Wacipis. Planning the event took months of meetings, decisions, promotions, and more. For Will, he got more involved this year as public relations chair since he had danced and volunteered with the Wacipi before and now as a senior on campus, his leadership and experience could be put to good use.

After seeing the hundreds of people, the colorful regalia swaying beautifully with each movement by the dancers, and the unmistakable beat of the drum circles throughout the Wacipi, it was easy to know why Will wanted to be involved. It was an incredible event that included everyone from infants to elders.

Growing up in Peever, SD, Will remembers going to powwows every summer with his family. At a younger age, he was a grass dancer. More recently, he's transitioned to be a men's traditional dancer, and has also become an accomplished traditional flute player. He was taught by his father, who not only plays but also makes the wooden flutes.

Will, a member of the Class of 2011, will graduate with a bachelor's degree in atmospheric science, focusing on wind energy. Under the instruction of Dr. Gretchen Mullendore in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Will held an internship working with the NASA Global Climate Change Education Program, creating educational materials for elementary students to learn about climate change.

Between balancing school and his involvement with this year's Wacipi, Will has managed to have a little fun on campus, too. He met his fiancee here - a Brazilian native, now living in Japan.

With his diverse set of experiences he hopes that what stands out most to him when he looks back on his time at UND is the fact that he was able to be involved in so much and got to experience so many different perspectives.

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