Educational camps, courses and events keep campus abuzz

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Educational camps, courses and events keep campus abuzz

Just because UND’s spring commencement is over doesn’t mean educational activities go on vacation.

In fact, over the past several years, UND has become more of a destination location for thousands over the summer months. According to Diane Hadden, summer session director, enrollment in 2006 was 4,400, 5,506 last year, and is expected to reach 6,000 or more this year.

“There’s an idea out there that the campus is quiet in the summer,” Hadden noted. “It looks that way because there aren’t as many students around, but there are a lot of other people who come here for camps and other events. It’s a revolving door of people through the whole summer.”

In addition to the UND students who attend courses, Hadden estimates that more than 10,000 people come to campus for other educational opportunities and other events during the summer months.

“Some of our camps are filled and overfilled every year, especially the robotics, Alice animation and foreign language camps,” Hadden said.

The first big event of the summer is Girls State, June 10-15, which has been held at UND since 1950. The mock-government program sponsored by the University and the American Legion Auxiliary is designed to spark interest in the democratic process and to inspire participation in civic life for girls who have completed their junior year in high school. With UND’s political science department helping to promote and recruit for the event, Hadden said increased attendance is likely.

Hadden said the animation and robotics camps conducted by the computer science department are always popular with kids, as well as the foreign language camps. In addition, the “Scrubs Academy” camp put on by the Center for Rural Health at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences helps students explore careers in the healthcare field. Other camps include:

  • Sports for basketball , football, hockey, volleyball, swimming and diving
  • Art and music
  • Language and reading
  • Young scientists and engineers

Hadden also pointed out that during the summer, UND’s campus is at its peak of beauty, housing is plentiful and parking spaces are easy to find.

Patrick Miller

Editor/Writer University Relations

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