Through with chew

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Through with chew

February 20-24 marks the nationally recognized “Through with Chew” Campaign, a week dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of smokeless tobacco use and helping those who use smokeless tobacco to quit.

Users place chewing tobacco between their lip and gums, or teeth, and chew to release flavor and nicotine. Often people using chewing tobacco claim it is safer than smoking cigarettes, but research has shown using chewing tobacco increase the consumer's risk for developing leukoplakia, a precursor to oral cancer.

Incorporated within this week is the “Great American Spit Out,” where support is given to those who would like to quit and cessation option information is disseminated.

On this day, smokeless tobacco users are urged to abstain from using, or let that mark the first day you choose to quit!

There will be a booth in the Hyslop Arena on Thursday from 10:00am to 3:00pm for anyone who would like more information either for themselves or a loved one.

Should you want more info, please stop by the Healthier “U” office in the Memorial Union or go to Student Health Services.

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