Ethical Decisions


Suzanne Irwin

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Ethical Decisions

Sometimes even the most unlikely of people can commit the most serious crime.

The UND College of Business featured Patrick Kuhse to talk to students about his experience in the business world and how one unethical decision can be detrimental a career and reputation.

Kuhse worked as a successful stockbroker in Oklahoma. After getting offered a position as the investment advisor for a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio, things took a turn for the worse. Kuhse started illegally bumping up his own commission, arranging kickbacks for himself and his superior. Kuhse says he, "unfortunately made the wrong decision." This led him to eventually become an international fugitive hiding out in the jungles of Costa Rica.

After spending four years in international and American prison, Kuhse decided to turn his criminal life into an example for others by educating the public on the importance of ethics. He shows how one error in judgment can mean trading in a business suit for an orange jumpsuit.


Suzanne H. Irwin Director of MarketingUND Television Center

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