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The Education Policy-2010, paved the way to introduce Reproductive Health (RH) as part of curricula of few selected subjects for the secondary school children in Bangladesh, which can be considered as a first step in the right direction. Consequently subjects like Physical Education and Health and Home Science has been chosen to incorporate some aspects of RH for the students of classes VI-VIII, and Science are for the students of classes IX-X. This article aimed to explore, examine and review critically to what extent incorporation has taken place and whether this has fulfilled the learning needs of the adolescent groups at the secondary level. Class/grade wise analysis revealed that topics, contents, narration of information, facts, examples, illustrations and use of language are aged and grade specific and need oriented to a moderate extent. However the lapses were observed in the use of language in describing contents and illustrations for the younger children (particularly for class VI) and other classes also. A more gender balanced approach should have been undertaken in the whole development process of curriculum and text books which incorporated RH as part of other subjects. Intensive teacher training program along with development of supplementary learning and teaching materials will be needed in order to provide right and proper knowledge, information and facts to these young learners and keep the safe from wrong information from wrong sources. For the students of 21st century knowing about Reproductive Health in broader terms and Sexual Reproductive Health is not merely a policy issue but a right also.

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