Document Type

Technical Paper

Publication Date

Spring 2022


This report demonstrates an assessment of a PCAM camera module’s OV5640 CMOS sensor image-acquisition electrical circuit network system and hardware implementation for associated FPGA-modulated image-processing techniques using Digilent’s Zybo Z7-20 development board’s FPGA (Zynq 7000 SoC). By comparison between the control system architectures of 2 proposed Active Pixel CMOS sensor electrical network configurations (both 1 Row 1-Column Select Implementations) using electrical network transfer function derivations, time responses, Root Locus Plots, Bode Plots, and their system characteristics as preliminary analyses, FPGA-modulation of the CMOS sensor through image format adjustment is developed as an example of image properties adjustment enabled by the parallel interfacing between Xilinx Vivado, Xilinx SDK, a serial terminal emulator, the FPGA, and the image-processing hardware pipeline.