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Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensor Networks


This chapter studies an inductive-based wireless power transfer system for low-power applications at short distances. The transferring power system has been modeled, simulated and analyzed via finite element method. A wireless power transfer system includes important parts such as coil, core and driver. In this chapter, the important parts of an inductive power transfer system have been analyzed. Receiving and transmitting printed spiral coils are designed in an optimized procedure. The experimental results were in a good agreement with the simulation results. Moreover, based on the performed modulation and simulation the use of the pot core as the receiving core is proposed. It is concluded that this type of core can improve magnetic flux density in the receiving side. Different geometries of coils for transmitting side have been modeled and simulated. An electromagnetic analysis has been done; the experimental result was in a good agreement with the simulation result. This work presents an efficient perspective to coil design.

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Published as a chapter in: Kanoun, Olfa (ed.). (2018). Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensor Networks. De Gruyter Oldenbourg.