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Grand Forks Herald


Judges; Advertising; Flour; Flour mills--Management; Flour mills--Law and legislation; Traffic signs and signals--Lighting; Building materials; Deans (Education); War casualties; Basketball--Tournaments; Sportsmanship; Letters; Correspondence; Football; Dinners and dining--Social aspects; Lumber; Farms; Lignite mines and mining; Stockholders; Coal

Corporate Subjects

University of North Dakota; Geological Survey (U.S.); Association of American Geographers; American Legion; Great Northern Railway Company (U.S.)

Personal Subjects

Amidon, Charles Fremont, 1856-1937; Husband, W. N.; Gray, John A., (1877 –1952); Taintor, Pearl; Darling,; Hardy, Bert; Simpson, Howard E. (Howard Edwin), 1874-1938; Breitwieser, J. V., 1884-; Hopkins, Mildred Wood; Squires, Vernon Purinton, 1866-1930; Colliton, P. J.; Wood, Jane; Breitwieser, Janice; Kannowski, Max B., 1893-1933; McGonegal, Charles C.; Coliton, P. J; Field, A. B.; Koppang, Evinda; Koppang, H. H.; Jenkins, Jason R.; McCoy, R. H.; Vold, J. H.; Clifford, George B.; Clifford, J. E.; Burtness, Olger B. (Olger Burton), 1884-1960; Clifford, A. P.; Whitman, Don; Gordon, W. A.; Beecher, D. H.; Bates, E. C.; Corliss, Guy Carleton Haynes, 1858-1937; Oppegard, M. M. (Melvin Melington), 1891-1969; Norman, M.

Geographic Subjects

North Dakota--Fargo; North Dakota--Pembina County; North Dakota--Grand Forks; North Dakota--Williston; North Dakota--Niagara; North Dakota--Park River; North Dakota--Minto; Minnesota--East Grand Forks


Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota

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